Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Visit With Dors

Some of you may recognize the beautiful kangaroo drawing I've posted.  It's from my blogger friend, Dors, blogspot,, and she presented this gorgeous drawing to me during the visit to us by her and her husband.  I was just delighted and overwhelmed by her generosity and so honored to have one of her beautiful drawings.  Don't you just love it?

Dors and her husband, Nev, arrived Friday afternoon and were so warm and friendly that it felt as if we had known one another for years instead of just meeting at that moment.  Of course, we have "known" one another for years but only on the internet and it's usually different when you meet someone in person.

Dors is no exception - she is different in person!  First of all, her bubbly personality just doesn't come through on the internet.  She's very warm and actually very funny and, as Sue ( predicted, we talked the "hind legs off a donkey" that evening! 

Dors and I talked art of course, and Nev, her husband, was equally warm and very knowledgeable about a variety of subjects.  He's also a master photographer and got some wonderful photos of our hummingbirds.  Between the two of them, we ended up staying up later that my DH and I have done for ages!  We just had a great time and I hope Dors and Nev did also.

We also hope they'll come back for a visit again one day. It really can't be too soon as this visit was way too short!


sue said...

Sounds as though you all had a wonderful time and what a fantastic keepsake ... your very own Kangaroo!

Irritating as the internet can be, its amazing how you can strike up e-friendships and share so many experiences without actually 'meeting in the flesh' isn't it? I guess it really is a small World after all! Shame it has to include Nigerian Spammers though :-)

DEB said...

Okay, now I REALLY can't wait! Dors and Nev visit me in VA in 2 days!

Jan/ said...

Sue, it was a fantastic time as far as I was concerned. Both Dors and her husband are wonderful people.

Deb, I don't blame you for wanting them to hurry up and get there. You'll be as thrilled about their visit as I am. Hope you all have a wonderful time!

Dors said...

a little embarrassed here with all the comments. It wwas so lovely to spend time with you Jan and your husband. We had so much fun and also felt that we had been the best friends for a lifetime.

Glad you like the Kangaroo....and thank you so much for your miniature card that I will cherrish so much as well as your wonderful hospitality and friendship. We felt very sad to leave you. xx miss you.

Jan/ said...

So glad you're having fun working your way up the Eastern Seaboard, Doreen! But, we miss you all too - the visit was just way too short. I do hope you'll make it back here some day!