Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pastel Persian Cat - WIP 3

I'm moving very slowly on this painting - so many things to do lately that I just get to come in and make a few strokes then move on to something else.  It's coming along though and I hope to finish soon.

I think I've finally found the pastel combinations closest to the colors I want but have to go back and change them from the wrong colors.  I need to pay attention to those organized and thoughtful artists who do the test strokes on a scrap paper before committing the color to the painting! 

Oh, well, tomorrow is another day!


Dors said...

Coming along nicely Jan. The cat is really coming to life.
Sometimes life and jobs get in the way of our art. I have not been able to put pencil to paper for the last 3 many things to do.

what with food shopping, and making soup and cooking silverside meat for lunches. not to mention odd jobs around the house. and that's only one day. LOL.

Jan said...

I know what you mean about always having something to do! I looked at your list & have to thank you for taking time to stop by! I also wonder what in the world silverside meat is! Guess I'm off to google it!

Dors said...

Incase you didn't find it Jan...

It's nice cold on sandwiches or hot with mash and veggies.