Friday, June 10, 2011

Pastel Persian Cat - Final

I think I'm finished with this.  I spent a lot of today working on it and think it's pretty overworked.  However, my husband thinks it's not overworked but finished.  I printed a card and took it to the pet shop where I have some of my work and the owner liked it a lot so I'm calling it quits.

It doesn't look anything like the ref but that's ok - it was for my own learning and not a commission.

BTW, it's titled "One P.O.'ed Persian" ------


Dors said...

Beautiful job Jan. It's called artistic license. love it.
That's what art is all about...we can learn something every day.

Jan said...

Thanks, Dors and thanks for the explanation on the silverside meat. I'd looked it up and found it to be what we call "bottom round". Since I don't eat meat, I didn't know what it was!

Teresa said...

LOVE the painting... and the title! You did an awesome job on this, Jan. Woo Hoo!

Jan said...

Thanks so much, Teresa! I used to have a Persian cross and the title came from what I used to say about her expression most of the time!

Susan Roux said...

Oh my, look at that face!

Jan said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for telling everyone about Hugo Diaz Mapi and his copying of other artists art and claiming it for his own!
It's so nice when artists look out for one another!