Monday, June 27, 2011

Attempted Rescues

 The following paintings are a couple that I started painting eons ago and for whatever reason lost interest in them.

The painting of the magnolia started out as a watercolor but was unsuccessful so I decided to see if I could rescue it with pastel.  I think I like the technique of pastel over watercolor but I'd used hot pressed paper for the original painting and there wasn't much tooth to allow for more than a layer or two of pastel.

The poppies started out as pastel but it was a painting from my first attempts at pastels and all I had were pastel pencils and not very many of them at that.  I've done what I could to rescue this painting and I do like it better than the original but  it's still not what I hoped it would be.

I guess you can tell I'm STILL in the process of organizing my studio but I keep getting distracted when I find these old paintings!  One of these days I WILL have it done - hopefully before Dors arrives!  lol


Dors said...

They are both beautiful Jan. I love how you experiment with mediums They both pop out of suface so lovely.

Great job

I am looking forward to seeing your studio. don't rush to have it just right I am like an old chair I just fit in. LOL.

Jan said...

Thanks, Dors! I'm sure you would fit in anywhere but this organization is something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

sue said...

Well I think your 'rescues' look great Jan!

I was 'chatting online' today with Peter Weatherill a fellow UKCPS member. He has built an incredibly useful website for cp artists and he likes to use watercolours as a base for coloured pencil drawings so he doesn't have to use too many layers of dry pencil on top - avoids all the problems with wax bloom etc that way.

Jan said...

Hi Sue! So glad to see your smiling font back again and thanks for the comment on my rescues! lol

I've been to Peter's website and always pay attention to any of his posts in forums where we both belong. He's so helpful and seems to be a really nice guy.

Teresa said...

Do you find you learn more from the art that doesn't come out like you wanted it to than from the art that turns out close to what you expected? I often do. The "successes" may be satisfying but the "failures" (which I prefer to call "learning experiences") are so productive!

Jan said...

Well, I guess I learn at least as much from the failures if not more. I had been wanting to try pastel over watercolor and this seemed like the ideal time.

Thanks for stopping by, Teresa.