Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Show, More On Exhibition Title Cards

Funny how life has it's own pace of stops and starts - it seems it's either the speed of a snail or a sudden acceleration to that of a NASCAR driver in an important race!

It's been the speed of a race here lately.  I'm preparing for a small show and since the paintings are to be hung on Monday, I've been scrambling to get things ready. 

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to do any more shows but this is more like exhibiting in a gallery.  The paintings will hang for about a month and the owners of the space will take care of the transactions should any paintings be sold. 

One of the requirements is to provide the title cards for each of my paintings.  I've been intrigued with the design of those cards for quite a while and ended up printing the image of the painting as a background for the card as shown above.  This way there's no doubt as to what painting goes with what information.

I'll let you know how things go.


Christine said...

Quite a clever idea about using the image as a background. Hope this exhibition will be great for you!

brendathour said...

I love that idea!!!! Wishing you many sales during your show!!!!

Jan said...

Hi Christine and Brenda,

Thanks so much for the comments and well wishes for the show. I hope it goes well also!

Lisa said...

Title cards are lovely, Jan! Lisa

Jan said...

Thanks so much, Lisa!

Teresa said...

Ooh... how exciting!! Love your cards.. they're perfect. LJ (from PMP) sold three of her paintings recently while they were in a show. Sounds like shows are good exposure.

Jan said...

This is a very small show in a very small town but I hope to sell something. I liked the paintings I put in and hope others do also. We'll see how I do as it runs until the end of the month.

Thanks for the encouragement - I know LJ sold some paintings and I'm so thrilled for her.