Friday, March 18, 2011

Foxy Final

I've finally finished the portrait of Foxy, the little Pomeranian.  I don't know if you all do this, but I tend to leave a painting out so I can see it for a few days after I think I've finished with it and will invariably "pick" at it as I walk by it.  I'm sure there's probably more I could find to pick at with this but I'm calling it finished so as not to overwork it.

However, I don't like a painting in the mail over a weekend so won't send this out until Monday so if you see anything that needs to be changed, don't hesitate to let me know!


Antonio Machado said...

I liked the conclusion of the portrait of the dog.
There is a great expression combined with technical mastery!
I would like to know your opinion about my painting. I like the exchange with other artists, he makes us grow.

Jan said...

Thank you for your comment, Antonio. I'm going to find your blog and have a long look at your art!

Christine said...

How utterly adorable! Oh my goodness, I love this little face!! Great job also on the fur.