Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Hate My Job

I really do hate my job sometimes.  Like now, today.  I just finished a portrait of a beautiful Rottie named Crissy.  Some of you may remember her from a blog post about a demo at the Raleigh Street Gallery where some of my art is shown.  There were some aspects of the painting that I just couldn't seem to get right so I put it away until about a week ago.

Crissy was the beloved pet of our friends.  She was young.  She was very healthy and lively.  But something happened and Crissy became paralyzed.  The vet said a piece of her vertebrae chipped off and became lodged in the spinal cord in an area they couldn't get to to operate.

Our friends held out hope that the chip would work itself out but that didn't happen.  Yesterday they decided to euthanize Crissy feeling that she no longer had the quality of life she deserved.

I loved  big ole slobbery and sometimes silly Crissy and that's why today, at least, I hate my job.


Dors said...

Oh Jan. Don't hate your job. Just think that you are doing something so special for a friend in doing this portrait. Crissy looks gorgeous, A wonderful Job. Be proud to achieve that.
It is so sad when they have to be put to sleep.

I do hope we can meet up in NC. xx

Teresa said...

Oh, Jan.... that's so sad. I remember losing a beloved dog many years ago (close to 30 years) and you know, I still think of that dog after all these years.. and still miss him. Ditto for a cat I had some years ago. Our pets become part of our soul. Sympathies to Crissy's owners.

But your portrait is absolutely gorgeous. I mean that. You did a fabulous job on this and I know it will be treasured.

Jan said...

Thank you both, sometimes it's comforting to paint a memorial of a dog I've known - sort of like stroking it for the last time - but this wasn't one of those times. Crissy was so funny - a big, loveable oaf unless you were at her house then she became a formidable guard dog. She will be missed.

"JeanneG" said...

You did a very good job on Chrissy. So sorry they had such a terrible loss. You will have made them a little happier.