Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They're Here!

As you can see, the cabinets for my studio have finally arrived.  Right now they're sitting in the living room (my studio is just around the corner) waiting for my DH to have the time to install them.

Of course, I need to finish moving a large bookcase and a little table out of the way so he can get to the area!  lol  Who knew a bookcase could hold so much stuff?!!!!

We haven't opened any boxes yet - just checked that everything we ordered is here - but the cabinets are supposed to be white.  I have two windows on the north side of the room which is the only natural light so I wanted white cabinets so as to reflect the light.  I thought dark finished cabinets would only make the studio dreary.

So, let me get back to work getting stuff out of the way so my darling husband can hopefully get started installing them this coming weekend!

I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Dors said...

How exciting Jan. I do hope you will show us all your new stuff when you have it all sorted and installed into your studio.

Can't wait to see it all.

Oh by the way...The Cockatoos are being destructive and we have stopped feeding them. We have rubber snakes around hoping that they will go away.
Check my blog for the destruction. LOL
We should have listened to you.