Saturday, February 5, 2011

Domestic Goddess Day

Some of you may know that I lived close enough to New Orleans at one time to know about their muffalettas.  I used to buy one and it would last me for several days.  I thought they were wonderful.

Since then I've moved far away from New Orleans plus have become a vegetarian and put thoughts of a muffaletta out of my mind.  Then Rachel Ray had a recipe on her show that I was pretty sure I could make using non-meat ingredients.  So I gave it a whirl.

It took most of the day yesterday but I made the olive salad and the bread from scratch and put together two wonderful, fragrant and ultimately delicious muffalettas!  I made one of them from standard ingredients since my husband does eat meat and he loved it.

Art and creativity take many forms and yesterday they took the form of homemade muffalettas!


Dors said...

YUMMY!! I have never heard of Muffaletta. but they sure look good.
I bet hubby enjoyed his meat one.

I am off to do a search on what muffaletta's are.

"JeanneG" said...

Like Dors, I'm off to Google them.

Jan said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies.

I've posted a link to the origin and ingredients in a new post. Those sandwiches are delicious and having one again, even though a vegetarian version, was wonderful!