Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back Again

I don't have any photos yet because I just finished moving all the computer stuff to the new work area and everything is such a mess that I can't get back far enough to get a decent shot!

We have a couple of desks and a table to move out that are currently in the way of everything!  I also have to move my huge work table and the paper cabinet that our friends gave me for Christmas. 

Still so much more to do but I'm just blessed that all the computer stuff is moved and set up and actually working!  lol  And, in this so-called wireless society, I've found that everything (that I have at least) still needs electricity so still have a lot of wires to deal with. 

So, I'll still be working on the studio for a while yet.  My DH still has to put the trim around the base of the cabinets and we still need some pulls or knobs of some kind. 

I'm thinking wrought iron as I saw some in the home improvement store that I really liked and they were very reasonable to boot.  I like the look and texture of wrought iron and I think those pulls would look good with the black countertop.  I've not seen any I like better so will probably go get those this weekend.

Things are slowly coming together!

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sue said...

Wow ... quick work! Look forward to seeing photos when you've got everything in place. If we have anything at home that needs assembling I'd reckon on 6 months (if David is doing it) or a week if we can get a 'man that can'