Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dura-Lar Matte Drafting Film

Some time ago I was asked to participate in a short survey about Dura-Lar film by Grafix Plastics.  The questions were about how I used Dura-Lar as an artist and I was promised a pack of the Dura-Lar of my choice for participating. 

Most of the time I refuse to do surveys as so much of the time they are only using the information submitted to spam you later.  But this time felt different and I decided to answer the questions.  Besides, I do like the Dura-Lar and would like to see it more widely available as an artist's support.

Anyway, my packet of the Dura-Lar Matte arrived yesterday!  I really didn't know if I would actually receive it so it's nice to know that the company who manufactures a product I like is also good for their word!

So, thank you very much, Grafix Plastics!  You can be assured that I will use the Dura-Lar Matte with great delight and thank you also for making such a great product!


Jeanette said...

Jan, I was asked to complete the same survey and did and received a package of the drafting film. I too was a bit skeptical about ever seeing it, but am glad that it did.

Getting artists input on mediums and uses of drafting film is important for manufacturers and I'm glad we both could do so and benefit too.

Now what shall we create on this new film??

sue said...

How lovely!

I agree Jan its important to acknowledge/thank those companies who live up to their word and genuinely respect the views of their customers


Jan said...

I'm glad you participated also, Jeanette! Hmmm, I have some ideas in mind for using it - but right now life is somewhat out of control, time-wise anyway! Watch this blog to see what I come up with! And what will YOU be doing with it?

Sue, with so many companies just taking advantage of the consumer with "fake" surveys, I am more than pleased to publicly thank Grafix and let it be known that they are a company of their word.

Thanks for weighing in, ladies!

Dors said...

I also participated in the same survey and I did receive my pack of Grafix. double sided drafting film 2 weeks ago.
I have signed up for the newsletter and tips on their products.

Well done Grafix Plastics.

sue said...


Now I'm feeling left out ... I wonder if any UK artists got to participate?

Jan said...

Oh, don't feel left out, Sue! I doubt if many UK artists participated as I don't think Dura-Lar is sold overseas - at least not under that name. I know I was contacted because I used the brand name here on my blog and probably Jeanette and Dors did also.

But, Jeanette is in Canada and Doreen is in Australia so artists outside of the US were asked to participate.