Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choices and Compromises and New Formulas

Well, our new laptop arrived and I've been busy trying to set up everything the way we want it.  All the technical stuff is done but I'm totally undecided about an image/graphics editor.

I've been a very loyal user of Paint Shop Pro since its version 7 but the reviews for the current version are abysmal and I'm looking for a new software.  It would have to do all that PSP does but without the glitches, bugs and bloat!  lol

I've been researching PS Elements but its current version is not winning accolades either so what does that leave?

Serif's software, PhotoPlus, is getting great reviews but the company gets a D minus for its strong-arm sales tactics.  I've downloaded "free" & "trial" software from them and the nag screens are so cumbersome you can't even properly evaluate the software.  I'm told that in order to register any purchased software, you have to call and be subjected to an interminable sales pitch for add-ons before you get your registration unlock key to even use the software.  No thanks on that - that's a compromise as far as I'm concerned.

I know there's a lot of free software out there also & I keep downloading various ones but they just don't quite fill the bill.  I'm not against purchasing software - I just want what I want, especially if I'm going to pay for it (& I don't want to pay to listen to a sales pitch!)

Any suggestions?

On the topic of compromise and making choices, I just emailed to see if I could receive some samples of Derwents new pastel pencils.  You all probably know that I'm not a fan of the old formula pencils but I'm almost frantically hoping the new formula will suit me as the Derwent brand is available in places relatively close to me.  While I hate driving in congested city traffic, I don't mind mail order for my art supplies.  But, that requires planing ahead - something I'm not always so good about doing!  Right now, I need some new pastel replacement pencils to work on a couple of commissions and I'll have to mail order them.  It would be wonderful to be able to go somewhere local to get them.  (Well, you know nothing is really local but even 30 miles wouldn't be a burden to drive.)

Anyway, if I receive the samples of the new formula Derwent pencils, I'll be sure to review them here.  If any of my readers in the UK or elsewhere have already used them, please let us know what YOU think about them!


sue said...

I think Kay (Pett Paintings) was trialling the new pencils for Derwent .. you might want to ask her?

No good looking to me for technical stuff ... I hate changes and particularly where computer/IT is concerned ... most 'upgrades' seem to be backward steps so far as I'm concerned!!

Teresa said...

Have you checked out "GIMP" the freebie version of Photoshop? I have no experience with it whatsoever... just heard it mentioned here and there. I use the full version of Photoshop.... has a fairly steep learning curve but once you get the basics down it's a great program. The older versions can be bought for a lot less than when they were new. I'm still using the CS2 version.... I think there are two newer versions out now. I'll upgrade at some point!

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue, I will ask Kay. Of course, I would still want to try them for myself! lol

Teresa, I had downloaded the Gimp several years ago and it was just too confusing/too many windows/too many steps to do stuff so I took it off my computer. I've heard there's a new version coming out soon that is more like other graphics software so will probably download it again when it comes out. It really is an amazing program, but, like PS, a steep learning curve.

I'm not sure the older versions of PS will work with my system - I have Windows 7 and have gotten mixed results to my efforts to find out. I was even thinking of the previous version of PSP and may still go with it. Again, mixed reviews on whether it will work well. It should, the version that I have (X) works but it's just not all that reliable with this Win 7 OS. Didn't you get a new computer with Win 7 on it? Does your CS2 work well with it?