Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Agility Dogs

Sometimes the little dogs get a bad rap and are viewed more as little spoiled companions instead of a small dog with big abilities.  I just finished this painting of a little terrier going through an agility trial - something he should excel at doing.

This painting was done in gouache in a watercolor type manner and on Arches rough watercolor paper.  Gouache isn't my normal medium so it was fun to explore it a bit more.


geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

Lovely painting Jan, and as the owner of a very small J.R.T. with a very big personality, this post really appeals to me ;o)

sue said...

Great painting Jan with lots of movement.

I photographed a JRT demonstrating 'fly ball' at a dog show last year and he was faster and much more exuberant than all the bigger dogs (which were mostly Border Collies)

Teresa said...

That's lovely, Jan... and he looks like he's really in the wind!

Jan said...

Thank you, Geraldine! Until I got a small dog, I didn't realize how smart they can be and what abilities they possess!

Thank you, Sue. I wish there were events like that closer to us. It must be fun to see one in person!

Thanks, Teresa! He does look as if he's flying, doesn't he!

Jeanette said...

you've got lots of movement in this one Jan. Its great.

I have had small dogs and they're pretty agile and do well in trials like this.

I haven't tried gouache for some reason. I think the opaqueness puts me off a bit being used to watercolour. But it does have lots of potential.

Christine said...

It looks great and I think you had fun with this one. I like the way you worked the colors together.


Jan said...

Thanks, Jeanette. I think the gouache suits me since I tend to be so heavy-handed with watercolors. I guess they suit my oil background better as they work in a similar manner.

Thanks, Christine. I'm still learning how to work with gouache and hope to get better with it in time.