Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes!


On Friday, January 29, 2010, we had a really lovely day.  Yes, it was getting a little overcast and the temp was falling a bit but it was still relatively warm.  If you look closely at the photo on the top (click to enlarge), you can see that we still had green grass and those are wild turkeys foraging behind the trees - the most I've ever seen at one time!
Then, things changed very rapidly and and by mid-morning on January 30, 2010, we had a view that included snow as shown in the photo on the bottom!

You all know that I consider snow a four-letter word, especially with the very low temperatures and the wind that made it seem even colder!  Fortunately, we didn't lose power although we were prepared for that, and I had prepared some good old comfort food like homemade vegetable soup just in case.

The only thing we weren't prepared for was Bonnie going through the shavings in her stall so quickly.  She didn't venture out all day yesterday and she usually loves to be out in any rain or snow even if it's a cold/freezing rain.  But, she stayed in her stall all day and went through shavings as if the barn were full of replacements!  Of course, we thought we had plenty based on her past habits so her stall is down to the bare earth floor and there are even puddles standing in the stall corner.  Little minx!  Now she has no bedding to speak of as we couldn't leave soggy wet shavings in her stall.  

The roads are solid ice around here but I'm hoping we'll be able to get out later this afternoon and if we can get to the main road, we hear that south of us isn't so bad.  Maybe we can get to Tractor Supply and pick up a few bales of shavings IF they're even open today!

Oh, the absolute joy of winter!


Teresa said...

You "fair weather" people have my sympathy! LOL! Personally, I consider "sun" a four letter word.... even if it is only three letters! :-)

sue said...

What a difference a day makes indeed! Its certainly been a 'funny old winter' all round hasn't it ... and I guess it probably isn't over yet :o)

Hope you managed to get Bonnie's shavings - and that she was suitably grateful!

Jan said...

Teresa, I wouldn't complain so much about snowy, icy weather except for the fact that I grew up in it, never liked it and moved here to avoid it for the most part. And I know NC still gets snow and ice and I know to expect it and be grateful when we don't get it!

We finally got some shavings but couldn't really get out when we wanted to. Grateful? She's like a princess cat and expects and demands royal treatment and I doubt that she was grateful or even concerned with the risk we took going out to see to her comfort!