Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank You, Jo!

I wanted to mention that Jo Castillo also did a blog post about Annie, the little ShihTzu I posted about a while back.  It seems that her daughter also has an Annie look-a-like who's also a Broncos fan!  It's a small world sometimes!

Unfortunately, Annie (the painting, not the actual dog!) got damaged in shipment to my client in Colorado and will have to be repainted.  I thought I had packed the painting so well that it would be almost impossible to damage but I seriously under estimated our USPS!  I guess you could pack something in cold rolled steel and they'd find a way to either damage or lose it.

Fortunately, the painting was insured but I've heard absolutely nothing from my claim.  Since I really struggled with this painting, I just about wept when the customer told me it arrived with a large crease in it!  She sent photos and here is one that shows the damage clearly.
Of course, it's damaged in an area where it couldn't even be covered with a mat!  So, I'm sure you're wondering how it was packed - first, I sandwiched the painting between a piece of matboard weight cardboard with a mat cut so that only the edges of the painting were covered.  This was covered with another piece of cardboard and taped to a piece of foam board so that the painting couldn't shift around in transit.  The whole thing was put into a crystal bag then put into a tyvek-type envelope.  In hindsight, I'm sure I should have used a cardboard mailer in addition to all of the cardboard I did use but I've never had any problems with a damaged painting before.  The heck of it was that we waited until after Christmas to mail to avoid the Christmas package deluge!

Maybe the postal employees were just rebelling at another package just when they thought the rush was over!


Dors said...

Oh dear Jan what a terrible disappointment. and a lovely piece too. I hope you get well compensated, but having to do this over again. I feel for you.

It's always going to be a concern when posting artwork.

Jan said...

Thanks for the commiseration, Dors! I'm just thankful that it hasn't happened more often!