Friday, January 29, 2010

There's a Bear in the Floor!

Do you remember looking at the sky as a kid and seeing all kinds of things in the clouds?  Well, we have some vinyl flooring with abstract patterns in it and I can look at it and see various things also. 

For instance, there's a bear that I see on a daily basis and also a dove! 

 And, from time to time, I can see a pig, and either a calla lilly or a vulture (depending on the angle and the mood I'm in!  lol!!) plus many other animals or flowers or other objects.

The above are a couple of quick sketches that I've done this morning.  I'm trying to exercise my imagination and am actively looking for things in all the odd places!

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and the benefit is well worth the effort!


Dors said...

Oh I still do that..sometimes I am looking at the floor tiles and i can see faces and different shapes. It's interesting and once you see a face. appears every time you look.
I never thought to sketch the shapes.
Good idea Jan. said...

Lol, hi Jan,
yes I remember looking at clouds and seeing other things, also in curtains, wallpaper etc, My husband spotted a brilliant Face in a rock in Tintagel Cornwall last year I had it on my old web site and had forgotton about it, will have to see if I can find it again........

Teresa Mallen said...

I see images in tile patterns, rock veins, tree bark - just about anywhere. Great idea to actually sketch them!

Teresa said...

That's neat thing to do! Sounds like it would help you to see patterns in other things around you... which can only help when drawing/painting!

You ready for the storm this weekend?

Jan said...

I'm glad you all do the same thing and look for reality in abstract shapes and odd places. I do think it helps with our art if for no other reason than it helps us to really observe instead of just looking.

No, Teresa! I'm never ready for snow, ice or cold! I moved here to get away from it! lol However, we've purchased the requisite milk and bread, the gas for the generator and kerosene for the emergency heater! Am going to the barn in just a little while to put the tank heater into Bon's water tank so her water won't freeze and turn on the light bulb in the well house. Guess that's about all we can do!