Saturday, January 17, 2009

Temperature Update

The temp this morning

OK, Teresa, Jeanette, Teresa Mallen and Barbara! I admit to being a real pansy when it comes to cold weather! Actually, I think pansies like it much better than I do as they're planted in the fall or very early spring here.

But just look at that thermometer reading! And I don't know what the wind chill is but there is a slight breeze.

Bon had not been quite as good to me this morning when I went to the barn but I took one look at the mess and decided to wait until later today to clean up. It was only one pile of "doo doo ettes" but the cold was cutting right through my gloves and I figured she could live with the mess for a couple of hours! After all, she made it. Wonder if I could train her to clean up after herself? Nah, it's obvious she likes having maid service!

My husband just called to me from the kitchen and said the temperature had fallen to 7.3 degrees (F) - oh joy! wonder what the final low will be?

If this keeps up, don't expect any further posts - I'm going back to bed and pull the covers over my head until spring! Oh, yeah, and the electric blanket will be cranked up as far as it can go!


~Barbara~ said...

OMG !!! and to think I had wanted to move up there a few years ago....Is that bark splitting weather for the pecans, apples and peaches?
It was 26 here this morning and that is a plenty. I felt sorry for the outside cats and let most of them in, 10 of the little furry critters..I guess their little heaters weren't quite warm enough. I had put 3 of them in their cubby hole. We just don't usually have this bad cold. Most of the time I just have Pierre and Gateway in here. Oh, well, such is life.

Jan said...

Fortunately, this doesn't happen too often and rarely lasts all that long. Today the temps are supposed to be in the 40s again but maybe a little frozen precip tonight.

This could be bark splitting weather. It's caused by the tree bark being frozen then when the sun hits it, it thaws too quickly and splits. DH has painted some of the younger trees with white paint to reflect the sun and that does help. I haven't seen any split bark so that's good.

Glad you brought the feline fur children inside. I know they're pretty much feral cats but I'm sure they aren't prepared for this cold even with the measures you took for their cubby hole. Hope they all got along!

~Barbara~ said...

Glad you're trees are doing good and it will be warming up.
Cats did good so I let them back in for last night. Done good again.... They know I'll throw them out if they get too rowdy.
Most of them are still in here this morning all huddled together.
Put down 5 litter boxes, and they used them, so that was a very good thing.....Otherwise.......I think I would have had to move..