Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More on the Giraffe


I did manage to do a bit more on the giraffe watercolor painting but this will probably be it until tomorrow as I have stuff to do today.

Still not overly enthused with this but it may turn out all right. It seems that paintings that I don't particularly like at first sometimes do come around so I won't give up. I will take it slowly however.

Barbara, from Barbara's This and That blog, said she thought yesterday's giraffe looked like some kind of weird bird! I hope it's beginning to look more like a giraffe today! These things just take time to develop! lol


~Barbara~ said...

You trying to get me in trouble? I can't help it if I'm artistic illiterate. Most of the time I don't know which end is up.....lol
The bird still looks a bit intimidated.
Picture is looking much better.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jan,

It definitely looks like a giraffe! So that's good. Actually I think it looks fine! I too have found that sometimes a work that I am not thrilled with can be transformed if I don't give up. Ah, but staying motivated to keep plugging, that is the tricky part! :-)

Jan said...

No, Barbara, you know I wouldn't try to get you into trouble! Besides, you do it so well on your own! lol

Jan said...

Thanks, Teresa. So glad you think it looks like a giraffe as SOME people think it's a bird! lol

I'm trying to push myself to work on it but think I'd do better to put it away for a while. As you said, it's the motivation thing.