Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Freezing!

Window Indoor?Outdoor Thermometer

I imagine any readers in Canada and the Northern states of the US are laughing at my statement that it's freezing here but we just aren't used to these kind of temperatures! It's pretty rare that we get even temperatures at the freezing mark for any length of time during the winter. Of course, it does happen, it's not unheard of, but when we do get these temps, it's still a major shock to the system!

The thermometer above shows the temperature a few minutes ago when I went to the barn to take care of my horse. The figure that says the indoor temperature is only 54 is skewed by the fact that the little wire that allows the outdoor sensor to go outdoors also allows just enough cold air to come in that it messes up the indoor temperature. However, it is pretty cool inside also and the heat has barely stopped running all morning!

I feel for all of you who are having minus 45 degree temps and huge snowfalls. But, I'll bet you're a bit better prepared for them than we are here. Since I lack a sturdy, warm winter coat (a hooded sweatshirt is usually sufficient for outdoor wear), you should have seen me dressed for the barn this morning! I was wearing my husband's orange down emergency coat that is issued where he works and I looked like an orange Michelin Tire man!

And thank God that my Bonnie B wasn't her usual messy self as the newly bedded stall was CLEAN! Of course, any wet spots could have been easily lifted as they would surely be chunks of ice. As it was, I was done in the barn in record time!

All I can say is that I hope everyone is staying warm in this unusually cold weather. Don't do anything foolish outside and be prepared for any emergency when driving.

Or, better yet, just stay inside and paint!


Teresa said...

Good Morning Jan!

As a fellow North Carolinian I was not surprised to see those temps on your thermometer! Brrrrr! But I must admit, I love it. Cold weather is my thing, so while everyone else is bundling up and looking forward to warmer days I'm luxuriating in the freshness of crisp, exhilarating frigid air!

Enjoyed browsing around your blog. Your watercolor giraffe is very well done. And I must agree with your assessment of The View.... reminds me of a bunch of cackling hens with one trying to out cackle the other! :-)

Jan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Teresa, I enjoy your blog a lot.

Unfortunately, I was raised in the Midwest on a farm and our school required girls to wear dresses at that time (I'm old! lol). In the winter the snow would sometimes cover our boots and all I can remember of that time was being cold and wet all winter. So, I'm not at all a fan of cold weather and thought I'd escaped it by moving here. But, it doesn't happen very often so guess I can handle it for a while anyway.

Stop by any time - you're always welcome.

Jeanette said...

Here's its -13C (8F)with a windchill of -25 (-13F)this morning and is forecast to remain that way for a few more days. So your weather is positively balmy in comparison!

However, I know if you're not used to it or prepared for it, its a shock to the system. We always had to wear dresses (uniforms) to school here too and winter could be nippy and seems there was much more snow then too.

~Barbara~ said...

Morning young lady,
I don't like these cold temps either.... Glad you got Bonnie's place all spic and span. I know she appreciates your early morning "visits". ;-)))

Jan said...

Ah, Jeanette, I feel for you having to wear a dress to school also. Ours weren't uniforms at least!

Barbara, sometimes I think Bon gets better maid service than my dear husband!

Hope you both stay warm!

Teresa Mallen said...

Okay, I'm checking in with the weather woes in Ottawa Canada - this morning it was -30C or -22F. Fortunately there was no wind to factor in. It has been quite cold for the last couple of days but it is to be a bit warmer tomorrow.

I am not a fan of real cold weather but I do love winter. I have stayed snug as a bug, colouring away in my studio and when I do venture out with my dog, you can bet I am layered from head to toe!

I like your advice Jan, we should stay inside and paint!

Teresa said...

Hi again Jan,

Just had to write again... my school years were similar to Jeanette's in that we wore school uniforms (dresses) and unless it was really bad weather (heavy rain or snow) we walked to school. I remember my knees were blue and my toes numb by the time I arrived (I grew up in England). However it wasn't the drastic deep freeze cold that some places have. But cold enough!