Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a Cat - I'm a Chicken

Well, this is Miracle and I apologize for not sharing the steps I took to get here but I just got to painting and didn't stop to scan or take photos. In every photo I've seen of this cat, he looks like a stuffed animal with Little Orphan Annie eyes so I guess I've done ok with him. I wish I had seen him in person but don't know that that would have done any good either. All of his features are somewhat of a guess and I see a couple of things to tweak but overall, this looks very much like the photos I have of him. I'm calling him finished unless I get more photos that show him a little better.

I love black cats and don't think they're unlucky at all unless it's unlucky for them to have been born black. I know shelters have a hard time adopting out black animals period and I don't know why. It could be that they suffer more in our Southern summer heat and humidity but I don't think that would matter to an indoor animal. I'm really partial to black animals and have two black Lab mixes. If I could have a cat, it also would be black. If you would like to adopt an animal from your local shelter, please give the blacks ones your attention first.

Jan Gibson

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