Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Pet Portrait - Shawnee

I met with a client about a week or so ago to meet her elderly and ill dog so she could have a portrait done.  She wanted the portrait of a younger Shawnee and we gathered up photos to use as painting references.  I started the portrait after receiving an art order on Saturday with some needed supplies and found out this morning that Shawnee had passed away yesterday. 

This is another of those times when I almost wish I had a different occupation.  I know the owner is hurting badly at this time and viewing any progress on the portrait will just hurt that much more. 

I want my pet portraits to evoke good memories yet it's possible that the owner will look at the painting and remember only that Shawnee left this earth during the time the portrait was being painted.  Shawnee's mom and I had talked of a portrait many times and I wish she had commissioned it when she first thought of it.  I would encourage any pet owner to get a portrait done when your fur child is strong and healthy if you want one.  Don't put it off.

I met Shawnee when she was ill and in some pain but her photos show her to have been a gorgeous black, silver and buff German Shepherd - very regal and almost wolf-like in her coloring.  I'm painting her in acrylic and so want to do the best job possible with this painting.  Of course, I always want to do that but I feel even more obligated to present Shawnee at her best in this portrait for the sake of her grieving "mama".

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Shawnee and be assured that your memory will live on in the hearts of those who loved you.


sue said...

Oh how sad Jan ... and more pressure on you also.

I'm sure you'll paint a beautiful memorial portrait which will bring comfort to Shawnee's mum in the fullness of time.

Look forward to seeing this progress.

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Thanks so much, Sue.

Doreen Cross said...

It's so sad Jan. I feel for you and for Shawnees Mom.
I am sure she will love the painting as your heart is in all your work.


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Thanks, Dors. I certainly hope my heart shows in my work as it is there. I'm kind of taking my time with this to give Shawnee's mom time to heal a bit but do want to get it finished for when she's ready for it.