Friday, October 28, 2011

Old Acrylic Painting

I was going back through some of my older paintings earlier and found an acrylic painting of this little puppy.  I don't remember when it was done although I know it was for practice with acrylic paints.  As I look at it here, the yellow background looks almost neon but it's not that bright in real life!

This painting was done on a sheet of canvas - one of those that comes in a pad and can be used for just about any medium.  I think the next painting will be on a gessoed hardboard panel or on a stretched canvas.  It will probably be the hardboard panel as I've never cared much for the "give" of even a tightly stretched canvas.

Anyway, I have done a few paintings in acrylic and would like to do more of them.  The temperature here today has plummeted with rain and wind to make it feel even colder so staying in to do more practicing sounds really good to me!


Doreen Cross said...

He looks so cute. Sounds like a great day to stay indoors and paint. Wish I was there painting with you. Miss you xx I keep saying I will have a go at acrylics. I have never used them.
I often think of the time we had together. nice memories. Hope we can get back there someday. How is Ci Ci? hope she is feeling better.

Jan/ said...

Thanks for commenting, Dors! I miss you too and do hope you and Nev make it back this way one day.

I'll bet you'd be great at acrylics - I call them my nemesis as I haven't totally come to grips with them yet. Maybe one day.

Debra Babcock said...

So've been painting beautiful things for a while now..huh?! ha ha

Jan/ said...

I don't know about "beautiful things" so much, Debra, but I've been painting so long that I really ought to be a lot better than I am!