Monday, August 15, 2011

The Dreaded Ginger Cat Portrait

My client picked up the cat portrait yesterday and said it looked just like him.  I had tweaked it a bit more before she arrived (but forgot to get a new photo of it) but I was still a little apprehensive of what she would think when she saw it. 

Whew!  I honestly did the best job I could with what I had to work with, but I wasn't really sure I'd gotten the likeness.  So, I was really pleased that she felt it looked like him.

It's these type of commissions that cause baldness and bad dental health from pulling your hair and gnashing your teeth!

Now off to get ready for Dors visit with maybe a quick painting or two if there's time before she arrives!


Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations on pulling it off and how wonderful the client is really pleased!

Jan/ said...

Thank you, Teresa. It's so good to see you back - you've been sorely missed!

doggiedudsbydeb said...

And it is fantastic!

Jan/ said...

Thanks so much, Deb! Where have you been, girl! Seems as if it's been forever since I've "seen" you anywhere.

sue said...

Sorry I missed this earlier Jan .. just catching up now.

You did a brilliant job Jan from possibly the worst ref. photos I've seen this year :o) He had a particularly leonine face and you've captured that perfectly. No wonder they're pleased.

.... and why do you think I have to keep going to the dentist (all that tooth grinding obviously)!!

Jan/ said...

Thanks Sue, I hope the cat's owner also likes it.