Monday, December 27, 2010

That Four-Letter Word Again!

You can call me a whiner, I don't care, but I don't like snow and cold.  I even moved to the southern part of the country to escape it but we still get some from time to time.  Usually we get a few flakes then the sun will come out and it's gone within a few hours.  But we got dumped on Christmas night and it's still here 2 days later!  That's not what I bargained for when I moved here!

So, I've stayed inside and finished painting my new cabinet and am in the process of filling it up with all my various art papers.  Right now, my studio is a royal mess as everything was piled on my art table to make room for the new cabinet so I've got to sort through all of that and decide where each type of paper should go.  This is NOT the fun part as I'm notoriously unskilled at organization.  Once something is organized, I tend to keep it that way, but deciding how it should be organized is giving me a brain freeze!

That's why it's taken me this long to decide what I want in the studio and how I should arrange it.  My husband gave me carte blanche in the home improvement store for Christmas and insists I get cabinets and counters ordered.  That's great but every time I tell him what I'd like, he comes up with a reason why it would be impractical!  Like, there's a short wall that I think would be ideal for my computer desk and peripherals table or a counter but my DH has pointed out that the phone line is on the opposite wall across the room.  Since I use the phone line to connect for DSL internet access, I really need to have my computer close enough to connect to it.  I'm not so sure that's a real problem though as I'm sure the phone line can be moved.  I'm also sure my DH wouldn't be thrilled to have to do it since it would involve crawling under the house!  I could have the phone company or an independent contractor move it, but I know my sweetie would rather do it himself even if it means crawling through cobwebs in a dark place.  I can just see him moving the phone line then I find out later that moving my computer to the new area just isn't working after all!  He's a wonderful, patient and indulgent man but I think that could cause some major words between us!

So, these kinds of problems keep me in a dither about how to organize and I tend to do nothing instead of forging ahead and maybe making a mistake!

Are any of you out there any good at organization?  Any suggestions would be more than welcome!


sue said...

Can't help with the organisation Jan. Yesterday I vowed to crack on with the next commission and sort out the UKCPS work ... but I've been feeling very tired and drained today ... so I've done nothing constructive except some housework and laundry.

Tomorrow I will do better!

Sorry to hear about your snow but many parts of the World have experienced extreme weather conditions this Winter .... I've been looking at the snow in your part of the world (courtesy of BBC website) and feeling quite pleased that our white stuff has nearly all disappeared (for the moment).

Beth said...

If your computer has a wireless card, then get a wireless router so you can put your computer wherever you want.
I have the same problem with organization. I have too much stuff in too small of a space. Guess I need to get rid of some of it.

Jan said...

Yes, Sue, I know we aren't alone with weird weather and I'm also grateful it's no worse than it is.

Bethie, I do have a wireless card and a wireless router but for some reason, I also have a cord from the router to the computer! Guess I need to figure out why as your suggestion is a great one that I hadn't even considered! Thanks!