Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colourfix Suede!

I'm very excited as yesterday I saw that Jerry's Artarama and Dakota Pastels both have Art Spectrum's new Colourfix Suede pastel paper listed in their online catalogs!  I checked Dick Blick's website but they still don't have it listed as of yesterday and I haven't check Cheap Joe's or any other online vendor that I order from.

I called the Raleigh Jerry's store but they do not have it in stock at this time - bummer!  I was going to go get at least a sheet in spite of the distance and the snow still lingering in the shady areas around here.

I just haven't had time since I found out about the paper being available to figure out what I want to order but plan to do so today.  In the meantime, here are links to Jerry's and Dakota Pastel's catalog pages for it.  At least you'll be able to see the colors available and the current price.  When I get my hands on a sheet and have time to work on it, I'll report on what I think of it. 

And if any of you beat me getting a sheet of it, please let me know how you like it!

Now, here are those links:

Jerry's Artarama
Dakota Pastels


sue said...

Once again, you lucky artists across the pond get to access new papers way ahead of us :o(

Seriously, I probably wouldn't have time to do any proper testing for a while as I've got a busy few weeks coming up. I still have paper samples kindly sent by UART, USA more than a year ago which I haven't used.

I'd like to say I'll be more organised in 2011, but I doubt it somehow.

Let us know how it compares with velour and pastelmat etc.

Jan said...

I actually heard of people in the UK being able to get this paper several months ago and it's just now getting into the retail market here. I think you all could get the PastelMat long before we could also. And what about the Fisher 400? lol See? Sometimes you get stuff way before we do!

Actually though, even if I had the paper, I don't have time to experiment either. But I do intend to order some of it. I hear it's somewhat like the moleskin stuff people use on their feet - do you have that there? Anyway, when I heard that, I bought some moleskin and it works very well with pastels so I'm sure I'll like the Colourfix Suede too. lol

When I get it and use it, you know I'll be glad to share my thoughts about it with you!

Teresa said...

Hi Jan,

I'm catching up with all of your posts I've missed while I was AWOL with holiday stuff. Gosh... you've been busy!! I'm guessing by now you've tried the suede so I'm going to keep reading and see how you like it!