Monday, September 6, 2010

No Sense of Humor

We went to Jerry's Artarama yesterday and I got a literal handful of items and spent nearly $40!  The nice clerk told me I'd saved $50+ dollars but I didn't stop to debate her.  Just glad I didn't pay what they said was full price!  Jerry's was crowded but that's probably usual for a holiday weekend.  People are off work and want to pursue their hobbies or just relax.  I wanted to play with my new toys too.

Most women don't get holidays off though.  As a matter of fact, my husband asked me this morning if I was going to wash clothes.  He said he was out of underwear.  I said I had just caught up all the laundry and surely he had clean clothes.  He said rather sarcastically that he did wear a pair of underwear a day after all.

My husband usually is very good-natured and funny but scowled and stomped off when I suggested that he cut it back to a pair every other day.

Sometimes even the funniest men just don't have a sense of humor!


pett paintings said...

:-D Jan they never see the funny side when the underwear fairy hasn't been.....your illustration has made me smile x

Jan said...

Thanks Kay, you're right, of course. My DH is a real comedian most of the time and is usually smiling about something. But the lack of clean underwear is evidently no laughing matter!

I read the profiles of many women artists who say they put away their art supplies in order to raise a family. I think it's because when there's a whole family, there's not time for anything but laundry and cooking and dishes, etc! It's hard enough when the children are gone!

Debra Babcock said...

It sound funny to hear the same words that I hear ever so often.."Are you washing clothes today". Ha ha And I always say "But I just did the wash". Very similar to your story!