Friday, September 17, 2010

Black Cat Time of Year

I don't know about you but we're beginning to see lots of spider webs, a few falling leaves and some signs that fall is nearly here in spite of our 90 degree temperatures.  It's still a little while before Halloween but I thought a black cat might be appropriate right about now.

This is Leonie and she seemed very appropriate for the season even though she isn't solid black.  She was painted in gouache on Arches rough 140# paper.


sue said...

Oh Leonie's lovely Jan ... thought at first she was watercolour.

Gouache is yet another medium I've never tried ... but I'm more at home with pencils than brushes.

Our Summer is long gone here in England - its quite bright out but pretty windy and cold - perhaps you can send us some sunshine

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue. I tend to use gouache more like watercolor so it doesn't surprise me that you thought it was w/c. I like it because you still have control but it covers much like pastel or oil or acrylic.

Leonie has a "brother" who is named Mephisto and I thought of tagging this painting with that name. Leonie has a slightly wicked look about her! lol

I would gladly send you some of our heat but think it's due to cool down a bit next week. Still 80's though which will be perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Christine said...

Cats are wonderful. I love 'em. This is a nicely done piece...especially the eyes!
Can't wait until it finally will be cool again. We have been able to sleep with the windows open at night the last few days, so this is a sign it won't be long for some cooler daytime weather. Yeah!!

readingsully2 said...

She is gorgeous.

Teresa said...

And she's an eye catcher! You did a great job on this, Jan. Love it!!!