Saturday, July 24, 2010

Framing Questions

We've had a bunch of stuff to do this morning so am just now getting time to ask you all some questions about framing.  Here's the deal -

A friend's husband may get laid off from his job and is seriously considering opening a frame shop.  He's always made the frames and cut the mats for all their picture framing needs and I'm sure he'd do very well.  He's asked what is expected of a framer, particularly from an artist's point of view.  What do you all want most when you go to have a piece of art framed?  What would you like to say to all the frame shops out there?

OK, that's it, that's all I wanted to ask.  I'd like to give him a good overview of framing from our point of view so any relevant comments most welcome!


Michelle Wrighton said...

Well, I expect the framer to know about how to correctly handle and frame artwork according to the requirements for each medium...I would expect him to know how to handle and frame pastels in particular as they are so easily damaged. Also having a good eye from what type of matt/frame combination will work with individual pieces and what the current framing trends are for exhibiting different work (if I was exhibiting). LOL I would also expect the framer to know more about his craft than I did and be able to help me make the best framing choices. I'd also like to know that only acid free/museum quality materials (matts, tape, mounts, backing board etc) were used. Hope this helps!

Jan said...

Thanks so much for responding, Michelle. That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. I hope to get a lot of responses to present to him to help him make some decisions about the frame shop. Your input is invaluable.

readingsully2 said...

I think Michelle covered all of the bases. I would like a lot of choices for frames and mats on hand and not necessary to special order. I would want to see the differences in glass to be put on top. By see, I mean examples to show how a piece looks with different pieces of glass over the top. LIke glare, non-glare, and museum glass...Hope that helps. :)