Friday, July 23, 2010

Day In The Life Of A Ditz

I'm pretty sure you all know that I can be a real ditz at times.  Or, maybe I'm no more ditzy than anyone else and it's just that I tell about my ditzy moments and no one else does!  Or, maybe the following just proves what a ditz I am!

Like many artists, I have many creative outlets and I used to sew quite a bit.  When the price of fabric and particularly patterns got to be so high in cost I gave it up so I could spend more time and money on my art.  But I've been hankering to get back to sewing at least a little and got my sewing machine out yesterday.  I tested it and could see that it needed a good cleaning and oiling so I spent this morning taking it apart as much as possible and practical and going over all the little nooks and crannies with a soft brush and the vacuum cleaner.  Then I oiled all the pertinent places and put it back together.  I proceeded to adjust the tensions and I have to say that I don't think it's ever run better.

And, no, I didn't sew over my finger - I'm not quite that ditzy!  But I did spend almost as much time trying to figure out how to attach the bottom of the carrying case to the bottom of the sewing machine as I spent on the maintenance!  Now, this thing is not necessary for the operation of the sewing machine and I doubt that it even needs to be attached in order to keep the machine in the case.  But I've always kept it attached as it's a lot easier to put the machine away if it is. 

It attaches with only 2 big headed screws and you'd think it would be easy to just whip it back on quickly.  Nope - not easy at all as there may be just 2 screws but there are at least 8 screw holes scattered over the bottom of the case and getting 2 of them to line up with the holes in the bottom of my sewing machine was almost impossible.

Doesn't that sound a little ditzy to you?  After all, here's someone who took an electric sewing machine apart and put it back together but who couldn't even attach a plastic case bottom to that same machine with 2 simple screws!  AAARGH!


Dors said...

Oh dear Jan... sorry but I had to have a giggle. You are braver than me, taking your machine apart.
I would win first prize for being Ditzy!
The screw holes not lining up sounds a bit like trying to get a square peg in a round hole.

Christine said...

It's not you's the ditzy design of the machine bottom attachment!!! LOL

What will you be sewing?

"JeanneG" said...

And that's what happens when it's so long between sewing.

Jan said...

Thanks for the support everyone.

Jeanne, I can usually only do one thing at a time & art has taken precedence until now!

Dors, I had the manual plus I always take digi pics of the the way things are put together so I can get it back correctly. I discovered that little trick when working on my computer!

Christine, I ended up just hemming some pants that I bought in Florida when we were there. I'm going with a friend to a warehouse fabric sale next month and may find something I like for clothes. But I always need it for hemming or mending, etc so it's good to have it working right now.

Teresa said...

LOL!! Sorry, Jan.... but I had to laugh when I read your post. I can sympathize. Been there, done that. Here's my helpful hint for the day on such things: get a bottle of red nail polish (any highly visible color will do) and when you take something apart mark it with the polish. For example, mark "Screw A" with one dot of polish... and put one dot of polish next to the hole that screw A fits into. Mark "Screw B" with two tiny dots of polish....then mark the hole that Screw B goes into with two tiny dots of polish and so on. I got started using this years ago before computer cables and the holes they plugged into were color coded. When I moved my computer (I'm a graphic designer so I have a bunch of peripherals plugged in to my computer) I had a maze of cords to plug back in and a bewildering array of holes in which to plug them. What goes where? Nail polish to the rescue. I coded everything... and put my system back together in five minutes.

Jan said...

Thanks, Teresa. Fortunately, I don't have to take the bottom off very often but that just means that I'll forget the way it goes back when I do take it off. So, I'll definitely use your method of marking the right holes!

For my maze of computer wires, I've marked each one with a little "flag" of duct tape on each cord and wrote on each one what it goes to. That way I never have to sort through the maze of wires to find the one I want! I just never thought I'd need to go that far with the sewing machine bottom!