Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunlit Cove - Pastel on UART Paper

This is a recent ATC that I did in pastel on UArt 800 sanded paper.  I like the sanded papers as a general rule because they hold so much pastel (or colored pencil) but I'm not overly fond of this particular grit.  I bought a package of this when I attended Jerry's Artarama trade show because the UArt rep said that it was very good with the pan pastels.  However, I wish I had chosen a paper with a bit more grit to it.  Live and learn!

Lots of things went on this past weekend including the fact that a couple of girlfriends and I went to Greensboro yesterday to an Arts and Craft show at the Coliseum.  We went early enough that it wasn't horribly crowded so were able to see the art very well.  There seemed to be quite a few craftspeople there along with photography booths but there were also a few painters.  I always enjoy looking at any art work but one booth in particular caught my eye - that of North Carolina artist Susan Crouch.  Her watercolors seemed so light-filled and, probably because her subject matter reflects my own preferences, I was totally enamored of her work.  While her art looks good on her website, it was gorgeous in person.  I could see that "glow" that watercolors are supposed to have and I long to paint like that!  She does offer workshops from time to time but I don't know if I could ever work up the courage to take one. 

I tend to fall all over myself when painting in public - sort of like someone trying to speak in front of an audience.  I knock over my water, I get flustered trying to mix paint and everything I already know flies right out of my head.  To top it off, it's as if my painting hand gets almost paralyzed and if there is any movement at all, it's choppy and jerky instead of the smooth, fluid strokes that are needed! 

OK, so now you all know my "dirty little secret".  Does anyone else feel this way?  If so, how do you get around it?  I've seen several workshops that I'd like to take but feel that I'd be too nervous to get much out of one.  I guess like every other fear, you just have to confront yours and do it afraid until you get past it!  Anyone want to go to a workshop with me?


Dors said...

Now knowing your little secret... I am going to say Well done Jan for even trying .. I couldn't paint/draw in front of an audience.

Love the Pastel drawing of Sunlit Cove. Looks very inviting.

I will pop into Susan Crouch's site and have a look.
Thanks for sharing so much with us Jan. Hugs

sue said...

I've had my UART paper samples gathering dust here for 2 years. Your post led me to take a look at them and I was surprised to note the lack of tooth. Since getting the samples I've used Fisher 400 and Colourfix which are much grittier and I guess I've got used to them. The UART samples are quite small so I'll use them when I try my hand at OSWOAs (another thing on the 'to do' list which I'm gradually shortening.

I can see nothing wrong with your pastel drawing Jan - its very beautiful and reminds me that its now 2 whole weeks since we left our palm trees/sandy shores of Fuerteventura (must be time for a holiday)!!

I'm not confident in front of an audience either - I couldn't demonstrate at shows. Nearest I've come is sitting with drawing pad in hand when I've taken stands at Art Fayres - but only if David is with me to chat to/distract viewers! I have attended a couple of stand-alone classes and enjoyed them but that may have been because the groups were small and the subject matter/medium specifically what I selected as opposed to having to sit in a class where everyone was using watercolours for instance (a medium I am not comfortable with)

sue said...

Oh pooooohey!! I left a long response and got a message to say Internet Explorer had closed down. Doesn't look like my post made it :o(

So short version:

Love your picture Jan, I can't see anything wrong with it except it reminds me that its 2 whole weeks since we left our palm trees/sandy beaches of Fuerteventura (must be time for a holiday) :o)

Jan said...

Thanks, Dors but I haven't worked up the courage to take a workshop yet. Wish we all were closer to we could do it together!

Sue, your post did go thru but points up why I use FireFox instead of IE! I want to join you on your holiday and paint something like this en plain aire! Actually, I like this but had a hard time getting it to photograph well. I ended up scanning it but you could almost see every grain of sand. Need to figure out how to scan/photograph sanded works.

Again, it would be wonderful to be in a workshop with friends - maybe you should take your holiday here!

readingsully2 said...

so inviting, Jan. :)

Christine said...

Your pastel painting looks wonderful, Jan!

I can can completely understand your fears. Many of us out here have similar fears doing all kind of stuff. The best thing I know of doing is to jump over your shadow and just do it and the fears will slowly subside as you learn...hey, there is really nothing to fear than fear itself. Don't let an opportunity like taking a class from such a wonderful artist slide from you...just go, and sit in the one will bother you ;o) I would say that perhaps several of the students there are nervous at first...they might not show it, but doing something new is always a bit scary. Go Jan, take the class. I am here rooting fer ya!! ;o)

Teresa said...

Jan! This is beautiful!!! You're doing a great job.

Dors said...

Yes it would be wonderful if we could all get together and paint and have a chat or do a workshop together. Hugs. :D