Friday, February 12, 2010

Japanese Chin Pastel Painting - Updated

I'm getting in the short rows with Livie, a pastel painting of a Japanese Chin (I think they're also called a Japanese Spaniel).  The picture was taken with my digital camera since my scanner won't work with this computer now.  Grrrrrr!  Many people prefer to photograph their art but I've always gotten better pictures from a scanner.  Perhaps it's just the way I take the photos or something - I do know that we haven't had suitable weather for photography here lately and the lack of good light may be much of the reason for the poor photos.

Whatever the reason, just look at the progress and not the quality of the photograph posted!  lol

Actually, the painting is all but done.  I have a few details to add such as some feathery strokes to the fur in places and as soon as I get approval from the commissioner, I'll start the final varnishing. 

Let me know if you see anything amiss.


Teresa said...

You're making good progress! Love those colors... so warm and honey-like.

sue said...

Hi Jan. Aren't computers a nightmare? but at least you are able to post (if not scan) your work.

I usually have to photograph my work as I only have an A4 sized scanner and so most pics are too large to scan.

This has turned out really well and background complements it beautifully. I'm sure your client will love it.

Dors said...

Very nice Jan and I agree with Teresa . The colors are lovely

I'm sure the owners will love it.