Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japanese Chin Pastel Painting - Finished

There's no pictures with this blog post as my scanner still does not have any updated drivers available and now the card reader on my computer is not working!  Grrrrrr!

But, I did get the memorial painting of the Japanese Chin dog finished.  For some reason, even using my Preval sprayer still left bubbles in the finish.  A friend had asked that I go with her to Raleigh on Thursday so we stopped by Jerry's Artarama where I was able to get some Golden UVLS Archival Varnish in a spray can.  It was expensive, smells awful and probably isn't environmentally friendly at all but it worked like a dream so I'm glad I got it.

I'll deliver the painting to the customer today and plan to work on some little bunnies for my Zazzle shop next.  Hope I have either a scanner or a card reader so I can show you pictures!


sue said...

Sorry to hear you are still having computer/scanner problems Jan ... but pleased you are keeping busy with your art and hope you can start to post pics again soon :o)

Jan said...

Thanks for the sympathy & I hope to start posting pics again soon too, Sue. I have the solution to my card reader problem (supposedly!) but I'm too chicken to try to tackle it right now! Weekends are usually spent with interruptions from my husband and I think I'll need some quiet concentration time to fix it.