Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received the Kreativ Blogger award from Dors the other day and have been very remiss about thanking her for it. I want to rectify that right now and say "Thank you!" to Doreen for the lovely award. You all should see Doreen's art - it's so beautiful and you can find it on her blog HERE. Thank you so much again, Dors!

Today is a busy day as my step son and the two grandchildren are coming. My house is fairly clean but needs a good pick up and vacuuming again. Of course, with a dog in the house, it always needs vacuuming! The main concern is that I have my art supplies scattered about my studio and the little ones love to check out anything to do with painting or coloring! Fortunately, I can just close the door on the mess - plus, it's all on a table that's out of their reach (I paint standing up and use a cabinet height art table.)

Anyway, it's been a few weeks since we've seen the grandchildren and I'm delighted they're coming. The bad part is that it's rainy today and although we needed it badly, Tanner, our grandson will be so disappointed if he can't ride on Granddaddy's big, honkin' lawnmower or the tractor! Our granddaughter hates the noise of both the mower and the tractor so she won't care about the rain but both love to go into the orchard to pick apples and grapes at this time of the year. They also like to go to a little park not too far from us. Like us, they're very much outdoor children and the rain may dampen our outdoor plans!

So, I guess I need to get busy and get the vacuuming done and do a little picking up of stuff I've left lying around! If I were very rich, I know about the first thing I'd do would be hire a housekeeper! No, I think it would be best if I could hire a mother - a good, old-fashioned mother who would take care of everything and yell at me to clean my room!


Dors said...

Oh gosh Jan I know what you mean. A housekeeper is not like an old fashioned Mum. The older you get the harder housework seems to get.
I hope you enjoy the grandchildren.
Mine are so far away these days I am lucky if I see them once a year.
I say... Hide your art stuff. amd bother to the vacuuming. Just enjoy the grandkids.
you do a great job.

Jan said...

You're right, Doreen. Nothing beats an old fashioned stay at home mother for keeping a house clean!

For me, it's not so much that housework is harder since I've gotten older but it's that time seems to go by faster. I think that I'll just paint a few strokes then go mop the kitchen floor then the next time I look at the clock, it's time for my husband to get home from work! Where does the time go!