Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hello Again! Updates and News!

Life has been weird lately so I had to forego writing here in my blog. I don't want to get too far behind though and thought I'd take a minute to get you up to date with all that's been going on.

First of all, my wonderful husband had to make a trip to Florida as his mom's house sold and he and his sister had to get all the furniture and everything cleared out quickly. (Many of you know that his mother moved to an assisted living home a few months ago.) With the housing market so glutted with homes for sale, we were thrilled that the house sold so quickly and at a very good price. Well, my husband flew to Florida then rented a U-Haul to bring back almost another house full of furniture! He also brought his sister as a buffer to keep me from killing him!

His sister was a true God-send as she not only kept my husband alive, she was also able to arrange all the new furniture so that it fit into our house and not only fit, but actually looks pretty good. We had to store a couple of things upstairs but they will probably be used eventually.

Then I had the small show I had told you about in a former post. That was last weekend and it proved to me again that street fairs like that are not conducive to selling art. However, I did give out many business cards and hope to receive commissions in the future.

So, I think we're pretty much caught up on all the news for now. I'm working on a commission but just haven't taken the time to stop and scan/photograph the steps. It's a Christmas gift and even though there's plenty of time, I want to get it finished and delivered. It seems that I've been interrupted with it so many times that I don't want to take any more chances that it won't be finished in time!

Oh, one more thing - I'm sure you've seen the little Zazzle shop panel here on my blog and also on my website. I'm excited about being able to offer some of my paintings on different items so please go take a look and tell me what you think. Even if you don't like something, I'd like to know about it.

BTW, you can click on the different items and to go to the shop itself and see everything I have so far. Of course, more to come in the future!


Dors said...

Hello Jan. Wow great story... Glad you liked the goodies and didn't have to kill that darling husband of yours LOL.
Lovely to hear that the furniture looks great in your home...

A gentle push...go get your commission finished. :)

Jan said...

Hehe, I need that push and plan to get working on the commission in just a few - was just taking a break to catch up here. I didn't say that I liked everything he brought home but most are family pieces that I wouldn't want to ask him get rid of and they don't actually look too bad.

Thanks for stopping by, Dors, it's always so good to hear from you!

Paulette said...

Your work looks great on all the products. I seem to be missing something, it is hard to see all your different designs. Is it how the site works? I hope you do well!

twincedar said...

Good to see you back! Hope the Zazzle store works out!

DEB said...

You've been busy! Dors pointed me to you blog, and I'm glad she did...Your work is gorgeous!

Teresa said...

Oh, you have been leading an exciting life! Glad to know that the undertaker's services were not required for the hubby!

Checked out your Zazzle store... your art looks really good!

Jan said...

Hi everyone! It seems like forever since I've seen you - thanks for stopping by!

Paulette, I figured out that there's a version of the Zazzle panel for blogs (duh!) I don't think it changes like the other panel did but you can click on the link to my Zazzle store and see all the items.

Thanks so much Lori and Teresa! Deb, thank you for stopping by also!

readingsully2 said...

Hi Jan...I've missed you....but I can see you have a very busy we all do. :)