Friday, September 19, 2008

My Unflappable One

Bonnie B. & the Clothesline
Jan Gibson

Wow! Two posts in one day from me! How fortunate can you get?

I know it's odd for me to post twice in one day but I'd told you about hanging out laundry earlier and wanted to expound a bit on that.

I've been bugging my husband for a clothesline since the old one had to be removed because of our house being built. Most of the time I do prefer the clothes dryer that can be used from the comfort of the house but there are times when I want something hung outdoors in the fresh air.

So, my husband finally put up a clothesline for me not too long ago. He chose the spot & I was just too grateful to finally get it that I didn't protest where he wanted to put it. What neither of us considered was its proximity to the horse pasture.

My Bonnie is pretty solid and really doesn't spook or get upset over much of anything. However, imagine my consternation to look out and see the sheets flapping in the wind this morning! I looked a little further and there was Bon calmly eating grass not 30 feet from the clothesline! She's truly one in a million in that regard - meet my Unflappable Bonnie B!

Bonnie B. & the Clothesline2
Jan Gibson


Christine said...

She is so beautiful Jan! Maybe when you get a chance try taking some close-up shots. If you don't mind, I might want to give it a try to draw her.

Jan said...

She really is pretty. I think she looks good for her age too. I've been trying to take close ups of her since I've had her & she's as curious as a cat & will come stick her nose right into the camera! Maybe I can get my DH to hold her while I take her picture though & I'll be glad for you to try to paint her!

Jeanette said...

Its so funny how horses react to different things. When I had a couple of horses, one was solid as a rock when it came to new experiences, nothing would faze her.

The other? Well if a hose or flowerpot was out of place when she came back to the barn, you'd think it was the end of the world and monsters were everywhere!

I prefer the laid back horse...way less dangerous. :)

And I'd love to see some up close photos of her too. Have you done any portraits of her?

Jan said...

Hi, Jeanette. Yeah, Bon is pretty laid back and that's a good thing. When I was still riding, I stopped her once next to one of our bluebird houses & mama bluebird flew out of the house almost in Bonnie's face. Bon danced on her toes a little but was amazingly calm about the whole thing.

I haven't done a portrait of her since she was really little (before I bought her) & have always had a hard time painting any of our animals for some reason.

As I told Christine, she's weird about having her picture taken, especially up close. She'll either put her face in the camera, refuse to look up from grazing or turn her backside to me. I swear she knows what's going on & is laughing at me!

If I can get any close-ups, I'll be sure to send you both what I get.

Thanks so much for stopping by.