Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A New Painting

"Prince Harry"
a watercolor painting by
and copyright to
Jan Gibson

This is Prince Harry who was rescued by the Italian Greyhound rescue in our area and who found a loving home with Mary. I think Harry has a decidedly regal look about him and even though his name may not be Italian, his bearing definitely fits his name.

I enjoyed painting Harry and it went surprisingly fast for me. I worked on the painting between the "Big Project" and the garden and my husband's doctor visits and still managed to finish it in a relatively short time.

As always, critiques and comments appreciated. I show Mary the finished portrait on Saturday so may be able to put to use any comments you might have.


Paulette said...

Hi Jan,
He has a princely bearing to him, you did a beautiful job!
I hope your husband is feeling better.

Jan said...

Thank you, Paulette. He portrait went quickly with little hassle and I enjoyed painting it immensely.

My husband is doing well and is back to his old routine again. He has a second surgery (cataract)on his other eye on the 28th and we'll go through this again for a couple of weeks. But, he now has 20/20 eyesight in his left eye so it seems very worth the time and aggravation.