Thursday, July 3, 2008

Full Tilt Ahead Again!

First Cucumber
a digital painting by
and copyright to
Jan Gibson

Life is whirling at breakneck speeds again & I apologize for not updating my blog in a more timely manner!

I'm still working on the big project but my husband has had some minor surgery so that has slowed everything down considerably especially right here around a holiday. He can't lift or bend or do any yard work for another week or so and of course, the garden has finally decided to start producing!

There's not a lot coming in at the moment but we've been pretty dry so watering is a must if we want the veggies to continue to produce. Between doing a little picking in the garden, watering and driving my husband to his doctor appointments, etc., art has had to take something of a back seat.

However, I couldn't resist a quickie digital painting of one of our first cucumbers of the season! I really wanted to try all that speckling and striping in pastel but just didn't have the time. One of these days ------

I haven't done any digital painting in quite a while as I've been working on re-learning watercolors and learning pastels. When my "studio" was no larger than a closet, about the only art I had room to do was digital painting. However, since it is done very much like traditional media, I think I transitioned back to watercolors and other media quite well. And I also think my drawing skills have vastly improved. I've always disliked drawing because I resent the time it takes me. Not only that, but all the erasing and changing things left my paper a mess. That's the beauty of digital drawing/painting. Everything erases cleanly and quickly!

So, enjoy viewing the cucumber as much as we've enjoyed eating them this past week or so!


Jeanette said...

That's a wonderful digital piece Jan. I'm impressed as my digital ability is pretty much zip :)

What program did you use, what medium, brushes, how long did it take? Details, details...

Jan said...

Jeanette! How wonderful to see you here!

Hmmm, Sheesh! I did that cucumber a few days ago & you expect me to remember the details? lol Well, it was done with the Wacom tablet and a stylus in Corel's Painter 9. I used pastel, the detail air brush and the spatter airbrush for sure & if I used any other brush, then I don't remember it. It didn't take long, maybe an hour or so, but I didn't keep track of the time.

Thanks for stopping by, I've missed seeing you around the web lately (I'm sure you've been around but I'm pretty much just checking emails these days!)