Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Joe - A Watercolor WIP

This is Little Joe, the puppy I said I wanted to paint in my last blog post. He's actually what most people would call a black puppy, but it you look closely, he has many colors in his coat and I'm building up to black with those colors.

Of course, this is not finished by a long shot but I guess I talked myself into painting him in the last post. I know I'll have to work on him between other painting projects but at least he's started - just don't expect a daily update! lol

I'd like to plead the case for black animals again as they are usually the last to be adopted. I know you can't tell much from this wip since I don't have a lot done on him, but he's really precious. I just don't know how anyone can resist such a cutie! So, if you're wanting a new dog or cat, please consider a black one. They know when someone special adopts them and will love you all the more for choosing them!


Paulette said...

He's already looking adorable!

Jan said...

Thanks, Paulette. His photo really is adorable and I just hope I can do him justice. Maybe I can squeeze in a little time to work on him later. I'll post it if I do.