Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What to Paint?

Well, the weather has cleared up and we have sunshine with slightly cooler temperatures. My husband has gone back to work and things are somewhat back to normal here.

So why can't I find anything I want to paint? I've been all through my photo reference stash a few times. I've wondered around the yard full of spring flowers and along the edge of the woods where some wild flowers/shrubs are blooming. I've checked on the cows across the road to see the new calves but they've moved so far back into their pastures that I can just barely see them. I just don't seem to be inspired by anything right now.

But, I need to turn my attention to the garden anyway. It's been too soggy to get into recently and I noticed that there are snow peas to harvest along with a few late spears of asparagus. There are also some green beans coming up from where they went to seed last year because we couldn't get to them for all of the construction work going on. I'm pretty sure they were some kind of hybrid bean and who knows what kind of bean we'll get, but since we have a pretty large garden this year, my husband wants to leave them.

We've had an abundance of lettuce, spinach, asparagus, cilantro & parsley this spring but for some reason, one of my favorite greens, the arugula, came up quickly then bolted before it had enough leaves to even harvest! I think it might do better as a fall crop and I'll certainly plant some for those cooler fall days. The same goes for the radishes which also were something of a disappointment as they got woody by the time they were large enough to eat.

We also have seedlings that are ready to go into the garden - the warm weather veggies like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and we even seeded the okra in pots this year. We usually seed the okra directly into the garden but wanted a head start for them this year. So, all of those will go into the garden as soon as it dries out enough for us to get in there! I think we're supposed to get more rain tomorrow evening so I guess we'll hope for the weekend!

Even if I'm not inspired to paint, I guess I'm well compensated by all of the great fresh produce from the garden. And, of course, the good news is that the produce is eat all I want as it's not fattening!

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