Friday, March 5, 2010

Chinese Brush Painting

One of the art forums I belong to (Designing  Artist's Women Group or DAWG) has started a discussion about Chinese Brush Painting and I just finished a watercolor after that style.  I don't think I can call it a true CBP as it's on regular 140# cp watercolor paper and not rice or bamboo paper.  Also, I used watercolors and not true Chinese ink.  I also think it's certainly overworked and not a truly spontaneous piece.

However, I like the way it came out even if it's not at all authentic!

Uh Oh, I just noticed that the legs don't look quite right - the original does look better.  The legs are actually bluish in color and I do have a sort of scaly texture on them!


Dors said...

Well Jan for a first try on this technique. I think you have done a great job. I would certainly hang it on the wall.

At least we try... Art is all about enjoying and I feel you really enjoy it.

Jan said...

Thanks Dors. I do like the way this came out and I was tickled that it did because it went to a lady who absolutely loves roosters, particularly this breed (White Crested Black Polish).

And yes, I really do enjoy painting and experimenting. No pressure and who cares whether it comes out or not! However, I really do like those "happy little accidents" from time to time!

Teresa Mallen said...

That whole less is more business of Chinese brush painting is quite admirable. Congrats on giving this style a go. The Rooster turned out great and I am glad that there is now a new happy owner. said...

I love this, and I think we all grow from experimentation ;-)

sue said...

Its very effective - whether authentic or not :o)

How lovely when something you do 'for yourself' turns out so well. I've just worked on something 'for myself' which didn't :o(

Dors said...

Happy incidents are good Jan. Glad your client like it so much. A happy client sure makes for a happy artist.