Friday, December 11, 2009

More "Brown" than Green?

I don't know if Jeanette (see previous post) chose the TerraSkin paper because it was environmentally green or for other reasons. If she chose it for it's green-ness, here's another for her to try:

PooPooPaper! Yep, you guessed it. It's made from elephant poo or, more accurately, from grazing animal poo. However, even though the undigested fibers are recycled, it takes a lot of water and probably bleach and chemicals to make the paper usable.

So, would that really make PooPooPaper green or are they giving us a load of brown by calling it green?

Also, I have a slight addition to my previous post about TerraSkin printing ok on my old printer. Since I had pretty good results with the one print (the baby), I thought I'd try it again with a more complicated image. Those results were a disaster. It probably depends on your image, your printer and the luck of the draw but I guess the TerraSkin people are right in recommending that the paper not be used in inkjet printers!


sue said...

Hmmmm!! Not sure about this product.

I have similar misgivings about trials being carried out in the UK - as reported on the BBC News website recently:

"Treated human sewage, known as sludge or biosolids, is being spread on nearly 3,000 Midlands fields alone to grow crops such as corn and maize, said Severn Trent Water"

I think I'll stick with the conventional stuff for the moment!! :o)

PS: I love the elephant picture Jan - is this pastels? Its spectacular

Jan said...

Thanks, Sue. There's a big stink about sludge right here in our county (it's agricultural) also. There's also been a report about the lack of adequate water treatment in many cities across the country & it makes you wonder about the common sense of some of these people who ok this sort of thing!

I'm sticking with the conventional stuff too!

That elephant is part of a pair that I painted digitally back in 2004 or so. It took forever but I've always liked it myself. I may have to repaint it in pastels one of these days as it's a fairly small resolution file & not really printable.

"JeanneG" said...

I ordered some samples of the Terraskin but no thanks on the poo paper. I have 3 dogs and see way too much poo now. And I don't think I would ever feel it was clean enough no matter what they did to it.

Jan said...

I have to agree with you, Jeanne!

Christine said...

Funny post! Sounds to me this is a gimmick and they are trying to ride the "green" wave. You are right, they probably have to use all sorts of chemicals to make the paper clean and usable. I wouldn't like to paint on something that came out of an elephants butt...oi...was that bad??...
People using this paper might enjoy a cup of this coffe along with it...
;o ))

Jan said...

The PooPoo paper is a gimmick I can do without also - along with the coffee!