Monday, June 22, 2009

Nicole Caulfield Giveaway

copyright Nicole Caulfield

I so apologize for not being here lately and I apologize especially to Nicole for not publicly acknowledging the winning of one of her wonderful paintings. Not long ago, Nicole said on her blog that she had some paintings that she had done in her classes that had been marred in some way and would give them away to the first people to post on her BLOG that they wanted one. I was fortunate enough to have been one of the first to ask for and receive one of her paintings.

I was thrilled as Nicole is one of my favorite painters! She's a colored pencil artist and I have great respect for her talent.

There's a story here that I want to share but first will tell you that I emailed Nicole to ask how she chose which painting to send to which winner and she said she packaged the paintings then mixed them up so she didn't know who would receive which painting. Then she addressed and sent them out.

I figure there was a divine hand in my receiving this particular painting. You see, my mom passed away several years ago and she loved the color red and because she was very tiny, she liked wearing high-heeled shoes. To make a long story short, this painting reminds me of my mother in a very good and fun way. It was the perfect subject and I feel very blessed to have received it.

Thank you so much, Nicole!


Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations Jan, this is a lovely piece and it was definitely meant for you!

Teresa said...


Congrats, Jan... so glad you were the recipient of this painting... loved your "rest of the story" behind the red shoe.